May 22, 2009

Santigold is a hit

I do not want this blog to be a log of my daily happenings, nor do I intend to review much of everything I experience, but it should be mentioned that Santigold ROCKS. I saw her tonight at the Warfield and was massively impressed by the collision of styles, the ingenuity of form, and also her authentic spirit. Her performance tonight (strengthened by that of her nerdy-fabulous band) was a mash-up of Michael Jackson, Devo, and Britney Spears with a curious mix of all things hip. The show was ecstatically entertaining to the wildly diverse crowd -- there was even a small mosh pit during one of the more rowdy tunes -- and was a true exhibition of stage talent and female gusto. At one point Lulu and I turned to one another and said, "This might be the future of music!"

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  1. I agree! (But it's Santogold, not Love your blog,