Aug 12, 2009

Creating an Outpost

Signal Fire is an artist residency program based in Oregon.  Created by husband and wife Amy Harwood and Ryan Pierce—a program director for a forest conservation group and a visual artist, respectively -- what sets them apart is their innovative connection between endangered wilderness and dwindling support for artists.  Their answer to this predicament comes in the form of Outpost, a mobile Do-It-Yourself wilderness-based residency program.  

The Signal Fire website states: Signal Fire provides week and two-week long residencies in the Mt. Hood National Forest to selected artists from a range of practices. Each artist has access to a remodeled trailer studio stationed in a selected location, while maintaining a camp in the public forests of Mt. Hood. The artist is left with maps, a bicycle, adequate food supply and some provided tools for their practice. The residencies from each season culminate in a group show in Portland, displaying works by the selected artists.   

In addition to lending their racing-striped vintage trailer, they provide artists with workshops and hikes knowing that seeing nature firsthand is one of the greatest methods of inspiration and conservation.  Learn more at 

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  1. Heading to Portland soon and have plans to meet up with Ryan and Amy! Turns out we know each other from CCA.